yuppy !

about my boo !

this is my boy .. hahaha a little bit funny person .. erm he is very loving n caring husband .. i like his character .. always make me laughts n cry .. throughout out relationsip, i had cried 4 a few tymes coz he said i'm too spoiled towards him n love to cry .. it easy to make me cry .. only him know how to make me cry .. 4 me he is handsome guys n perfect .. he know what i like n what i dislike, so understanding .. i love it .. we share the same interest such as MISS SOMEONE EVERYDAY becoz everyday i miss him n otherwise .. hahaha .. i'm happy with him .. but it hard to persuade me coz i dunt know .. maybe i'm ego .. i think my ego not too high juz a little bit, hehehe .. he is athletes run sprints .. one day, i'm sulked, n he will run towards me until i thought the bridge were collapse by his sprints .. i love him so damn much ..  i think thats all about my prince .. c u again ~