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Saturday, 26 November 2011

hallow ~..  be4 i sleep i want 2 story something .. erm i really mish him so damn much .. so sad when i chat with him .. i dun't know why can i cried when read his chats .. he touch my soul n my tears cannot stop .. he tried to calm down myself .. he dun't want to make me cry but he loves to hear my tears .. not too bad 4 me .. hehehe .. that's make me laughts when i remember that sweet moment :)  he said that i was change my feeling towards him .. is that true ? owh i dun't think so n it will nver be change .. he is mine n i'm yours .. i nver met someone special in my life be2 this until i met him .. he give me a million of love everyday n will nver stop .. this mornink~ i can't close my eyes n write on this blog .. no sparkling of star at the sky right now becoz it has heavy rain outside .. i'm afraid wif the thunderstorm :'( .. i dun't know where my boy go .. he left me alone overhere .. mybe he already sleep coz this tyme was so lately n he felf very tired all this day long .. i think i must force my eyes to close becoz i'm afraid thai i'll late to wake up at the mornink .. love u so damn much my boy .. our love will nver end . c u in the next post. <3 <3

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