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Friday, 25 November 2011

sad day~

a few days ago, his mother had sent me a message saying I should break up with him .. that ruined the moment my heart .. situations that can not be described in words .. how can I face life without him after this .. I had to stop my tears from falling from my eyes .. Because that day I have to go to work for a few hours .. I was sad during the day .. Enough we can not respect the principal reason he took his mobile phone without his knowledge .. I had absolutely no mood .. like my heart is dead .. but I also unite myself to work because I need to carry out my responsibilities as far as possible .. on the same day I have no appetite to eat some food so I feel an upset stomach .. that night, I bumped into him, I tell him "I am afraid our relationship will be severed after this". but he tried to calm myself .. then I really fear that our relationship will be broken this year .. he asked me not to take with what his mother said in the morning ..

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