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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Missing u like crazy :'(

bby abie hrap cpat2 la bby plang dri tawau cuz setiap saat bby xda d sisi abie , abie  cam maw jdi gylak sdh..so please come home as early as possible..I LOVE YOU , I MISS YOU , I NEED YOU <3

Sunday, 27 November 2011

.. we are live happily right now ..
.. no more fighting or controversy ..
..  but sometime we have ..
.. no love without tears n laughts ..
.. we hope our love will last forever ..


sob , sob , sob !

abie where r u ? bby da tnggu dri tdi ptg lgi .. abie oke gak ka ? i mish u so muchh .. dri tdi bby x da mkn .. rsa lpar tpey hati kras gak x mao mkn, tekak ney x nak trima apa2 n tngn trasa brat nak suap mkanan ke mlut .. knpa bby jdi mcm ney abie ? bby da sdikit gyla ney .. dri tdi mao tido tpey slagi x dbgi on9, bby skar nak pejamkn mta .. bby x taw knp .. mkin hari bby mkin syg n rndu gan abie .. tpey sygnya kta x da apa2 untk mepaskn rndu .. fon abie pon d'ambl ole mumy abie , x taw bla nak plangkn .. mybe kalu kta a ptus kn ? bby x snggup mao ptus gan abie .. hati ney xkn trbka untk org laen lgi slaen abie .. bby nak 1 dnia thu btapa bby sygkn abie .. i can't stop thinking of u .. asal fkirkn abie, bby sdih sngt2 .. tringt psal xmx 2, skit hti sngt2 .. knpa ujian x brhnti2 mnduga kta ? abie ada kkuatan ka untk mngharungi'y ? setia ka abie d cc bby styap kli bby prlukan abie .. sudi ka abie mnemani bby smpai lar hmbusan nfas bby yg t'akhr ? bby sygkn abie .. syg sngt2 .. bby xkn lpaskn abie wlaupun ada phak yg x brstuju tntg hbungan kta .. d cni, kta yg lalui, bkn mreka ..mreka xkn fham tntg prasaan kta abie .. cba lar brthan ya .. fon abie tlong cri lgy ya .. hari2 bby ksepian n bby taw abie pon rsa mcm 2 .. cri scepatnya ya .. bby rndu mao dngr suara abie yg mmujuk tyme bby mrah, mrah tyme bby buat hal n kiss abie yg brtubi2 .. my bintang hati, jga dri baek2 ya .. i will love u 4ever .. u'll nver be replaced .. <3 :'( :(

Saturday, 26 November 2011

hallow ~..  be4 i sleep i want 2 story something .. erm i really mish him so damn much .. so sad when i chat with him .. i dun't know why can i cried when read his chats .. he touch my soul n my tears cannot stop .. he tried to calm down myself .. he dun't want to make me cry but he loves to hear my tears .. not too bad 4 me .. hehehe .. that's make me laughts when i remember that sweet moment :)  he said that i was change my feeling towards him .. is that true ? owh i dun't think so n it will nver be change .. he is mine n i'm yours .. i nver met someone special in my life be2 this until i met him .. he give me a million of love everyday n will nver stop .. this mornink~ i can't close my eyes n write on this blog .. no sparkling of star at the sky right now becoz it has heavy rain outside .. i'm afraid wif the thunderstorm :'( .. i dun't know where my boy go .. he left me alone overhere .. mybe he already sleep coz this tyme was so lately n he felf very tired all this day long .. i think i must force my eyes to close becoz i'm afraid thai i'll late to wake up at the mornink .. love u so damn much my boy .. our love will nver end . c u in the next post. <3 <3

gud bye sadness !


Friday, 25 November 2011

love poem~

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true love !


sad day~

a few days ago, his mother had sent me a message saying I should break up with him .. that ruined the moment my heart .. situations that can not be described in words .. how can I face life without him after this .. I had to stop my tears from falling from my eyes .. Because that day I have to go to work for a few hours .. I was sad during the day .. Enough we can not respect the principal reason he took his mobile phone without his knowledge .. I had absolutely no mood .. like my heart is dead .. but I also unite myself to work because I need to carry out my responsibilities as far as possible .. on the same day I have no appetite to eat some food so I feel an upset stomach .. that night, I bumped into him, I tell him "I am afraid our relationship will be severed after this". but he tried to calm myself .. then I really fear that our relationship will be broken this year .. he asked me not to take with what his mother said in the morning ..